Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gettin' Halloweeny


I love Halloween. I live for Halloween. I brainstorm costumes months in advance and just adore the whole process. The blood, the gore, the excuse to dress up, it's all great. Just great.

This year, bestie and I had the absolutely phenomenal idea of dressing up as bloody camp councillors from Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is a horror classic so why not pay some proper homage? We had so much fun covering each other up in blood too, yikes. A bit too much maybe?

So anyway, I was super stoked to think of such a simple, yet effective costume. Everyone seemed super into it too, except for some kid dressed in a Top Gun costume who asked, "are you a zombie?" To which I replied with, "no, are you?" I don't think he was too keen on that.


On the topic of Friday the 13th, I'm sure most of you have already watched it. If not, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Along with other contemporaries of the genre (Halloween which came before, and Nightmare on Elm Street which came a few years after), Friday the 13th essentially solidified the horror genre. Sixteen years later when Scream was released, Wes Anderson cleverly stated, "There are certain rules to surviving a horror movie." This could not ring more true than with Friday the 13th. I mean come on, EVERYBODY basically knows you don't go and check out noises alone, should probably not trip and fall whilst running away from a psychopathic killer, and most definitely not go to an outhouse on your own in the middle of the night. 

Besides being absolutely genre defining in terms of horror, it's gory as all hell. Meeeeeeow. I mean, the scene with the girl getting axed to the forehead? Ooooooooh Lawdy. It really was a ground-breaking staple for the time. Personally, I still am more of a Nightmare on Elm Street fan, but I 100% respect what Friday the 13th has done for the genre. 

If you want a quick and easy Halloweeny costume, I highly recommend what I did. Essentially only paid to get our t's done and bought a ton of fake blood, and then went to toooooown. We were bloody 70s dreams. Uff uff uff.

Happy Halloween dollies!


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  1. You and your bestie are super creative!!! I ma not a huge fan of Halloween but am glad to see you made something cool out of your day, I just stayed pretty and watched movies.


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