Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Road Trippin'

And so after the hustle and bustle of my favourite non-holiday came to an end, I'm off on my Great Workathon Roadtrip of 2016. I'm basically jetting from town to town from Vancouver to Edmonton, and visiting clients (local boutiques in the cities) and selling my Summer collections, not to mention having a riot! 

It's honestly super fun being on the road. I end up visiting cities and neighbourhoods I've never been into, and meet so many awesome people. Not to mention how cute all the stores are, and how beautiful the nature throughout Western Canada really is. I mean, look at the photo above and the ones below, it's really breathtaking. It almost feels like you're a part of a travel series, exploring nooks and crannies and eating the yummiest and most versatile of foods.

I just started this lil adventure, and as I'm on the island I'm going to pop home for the weekend before embarking on a full 2 weeks away. I have a feeling it'll make me really homesick. It's weird because I've traveled so much in the past on vacation, and then you're obviously so enamoured by every country you visit that you don't even get a chance to feel homesick. I think this may be a little bit different. It's a road trip for starters, and I'll probably pine and pine for my friends and feline and boy. Sigh. 

Onwards and upwards I suppose though! I'm stoked on the majestic scenery, and the amount of it I'll see. I'll make sure to make cheeky updates so you all get to enjoy it as much as I do :) Eeeeeep.

Also, isn't this jacket the cutest thing?! The whole outfit reminds me of such a 90s throwback, I think its totally rad. God bless comfy and baggy jeans, and deeeefinitely bless a shearling jacket. A total winter statement! 

Shearling Jacket : BB Dakota
Top : H&M
Jeans : Thrifted
Belt : Lanvin
Shoes : Thrifted

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  1. Girl, those pictures are so beautiful !
    In love with the atmosphere ♥
    And kinda get a crush on your jacket, you look fab.

    - Audrey M.


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