Friday, October 28, 2016

Rustic Lil' Retreats

The smuggest little grin on my face because i'm about to blow your minds with something so cool. This week I got news from work I have all of the month of December off. Buaaaah?! I know, total shock. Having this much time off is obscene and unheard of especially in my world so I plan on milking this puppy to the core. 

Anyway, obviously I've been brainstorming what to do. Take that road trip I wanna wander off on, or go to a ghost town, etc etc, I genuinely had no idea. Not to mention funds are scarce because of the Great & Gluttonous Summer Spendathon of 2016 (@bojboz you feel me). Hotels are expensive, and unless I'm going to some backwards town to experience Americana at its finest, I am not staying in a dingy motel. 

CUE AIRBNB. I never really thought about airbnb as an option, the website never enticed me and I never really had an idea how it worked. But I figured, maybe they had some nice cabin options. Boy, did they ever. 

Saw this and had a literal moment of, "are you fucking kidding me". IT'S BEAUTIFUL. As things always go for me when I'm stoked, I got overly excited and it snowballed into me only wanting this and nothing else in my life ever again. Ever again. It reminds me of a little cabin dream, in the middle of nowhere, where I can just nest and curl up and read books and make fires and drink wine and cook cook cook galore. It's cat friendly too so I could even bring young Staniel along. He'd like that.

Ugh. I'm in the process of figuring out when to book this, but I 10000% need to go. I mean, look at the bed! It's elevated! I think a nice getaway away from everything is perfect, especially to be in such a fairy tale environment. I'm already imagining a life here and it's alarming that I get this way. I guess that's what vacation is about though, escaping every day life to the point of living out your own dream world, and getting as carried away in it as you possibly can.

I really think everyone should consider airbnb as an alternative to hotels, the options are endless. With some looking you can definitely find little gems like this cabin. They're usually cheap too, I'm looking at $80 a night here. Not bad for a picturesque getaway! 

If you wanted to creep this lovely pearl in all it's glory, or even book it yourselves (but not in the month of December, I beg and plead) click here

Happy vacationing! 

disclaimer: all images of the cabin belong to Jennifer & Jack at Airbnb.

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