Thursday, December 29, 2016

Weekly Spotify Music Find: ACID GHOST

Bless Spotify music binges. And bless finding super rad artists like Acid Ghost

As some of you may know, I've been on this lo-fi, dream pop orgy for the past few weeks and have had such a great time discovering so many smaller, indie acts. As of late, my ears have had the great pleasure of listening to Acid Ghost, San Francisco's duo made up of Ace Barcelon and his pal, Mikey Mendoza. With 6 albums under their belt under a span of only a few years, there's so many gems for you to peruse through, be it head-bobbing indie pop, to super pensive and moody lo-fi, taking you back to being a kid in your parents' basement, obviously hating the world. 

Much like is the case with this sort of dream pop sound, the chill atmosphere of the music really makes you want to hop in a car and drive off somewhere, becoming totally immersed in whatever Acid Ghost are throwing at you. I've even had the pleasure of going nuts and telling everyone I know about this San Fran duo, which has lead to other cool collaborations. But more on that at the end of this post.

I had the absolute pleasure of chit-chatting to Ace from Acid Ghost yesterday, and we talked all about his sound, French New Wave films, and his own personal, go-to panty dropping beats. 

Guys, meet Ace. 

Your music has the ability to completely take you in, immerse you in a totally different world. One of my favourite songs, New York, just seems to be filled with this sort of heaviness or emotion. Would you say you use your music as a therapeutic outlet?

Yeah music is definitely an outlet for me, I think that's what music is about really, something that you can express your emotions with.

Where does your inspiration come from? I see mentions of Mac DeMarco strewn about (which is clearly evident in your sound as well), your new album seems to pay some homage to Warhol, and I even read on your bandcamp page you're into French New Wave films! That's all super rad.

I guess the whole Mac thing is poking fun at how mostly everything with indie is associated with Mac since how popular he is so I just joke around saying how my music is classified as Mac DeMarco, haha. As a huge Godard fan, I'm really curious What your favourite Godard movie is? Are there any other New Wave films we should be all taking note of?
Yes! I'm a huge Godard fan. Definitely Masculin Féminin! That's my fav New Wave film.
As for Andy Warhol, can you tell me a little bit about why you're so drawn to him? You named your most recent album [Warhol] after him. I was always drawn to how he presented his art. He wanted to make art that was accessible to everyone, and that's kind of what the idea was with Warhol. Lot's of poppy tunes that are accessible to ears. With all these inspirations you borrow from, be it from other musicians, films, fashion, is clearly something you are completely engulfed in...what would you say art means to you? Art definitely liberates my mind and allows me to be more individualized as cliché as that sounds.. but it's true.

Acid Ghost is the sort of music that makes you feel like a teenager again, off on your first date. Sweaty palms, nervous eyes, and feeling absolutely and completely alive. Did you have a go-to artist you serenaded the ladies with back in high school? Hmm. Definitely All Star by Smash Mouth. That's a panty dropper. Anybody you're currently listening to that we as readers would never guess? I absolutely love black metal and experimental music. A bit of old country and i adore Kanye West. he's my biggest inspiration. I know in the past you mentioned you don't see yourself wanting to sign to any label any time soon. That's super cool and definitely draws home the idea that Acid Ghost is first and foremost about the music. Any advice for other indie acts out there that are trying to continue the self-made route? Advice for the indie acts: just stick to your beliefs really and continue to remind yourself why you started making music in the first place. In a recent Facebook post, I noticed you mentioned you wanted to start diving into fashion. What avenues were you looking to take? What sort of future does that hold for Acid Ghost? In a few years I have this goal of making my own line of clothing. I want everyone that's in the art scene to wear my stuff, that'd be a dream. If you notice, there isn't a brand of clothing in the indie scene that people migrate to. Just band tees and thrifted denim clothes with buttons on them. I want to make a brand that everyone can shop at aside from thrifts and used clothing. It'll take me a while, but that's what i'm most passionate about right now. I made 6 albums with Acid Ghost in a span of a few years. I think my outlet is done for now with music. But whenever the time is right for cheesy breakup music, I'll release it under Acid Ghost with the help of my friend Mikey.
*all imagery courtesy of Acid Ghost

And in other really cool Acid Ghost news? I was beyond stoked to see the boys over at Timelapse Film using the song Life from Acid Ghost's Warhol album for their lifestyle piece on local Vancouver Creative Designer, Collar Kenny. Check it out, it's bomb as. 



  1. Their music sounds amazing! Lately I've been contemplating on a road trip so I'll definitely keep Acid Ghost in mind! And I'm inspired by the Andy Warhol inspiration; even though he was highly esteemed he always made music for people of all walks of life to relate to. Very much like blogging I suppose ;) Happy new year to you Marta! xo~ Lena

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lena! Great idea to consider Acid Ghost for your road trip ;)

      xoxo Marta

  2. These guys sound super cool. I love finding random gems that end up turning into life-long loves. Have to check more of their music out now.



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