Monday, January 9, 2017

Galiano Island - A Hidden Airbnb Gem

Well you guys, I said I'd do it and I did. I finally went and stayed in that absolutely magical and rustic lil' cabin in the woods (full post here).

I'm totally on the Airbnb bandwagon from now on. Genuinely, truly, absolutely hooked. It's just SUCH a cheap alternative, especially for younger 20-something year olds that live in a bigger city and pay obscene rent prices (AKA me, AKA all my friends, welp, welp, welp). Not to mention that most people I know that are my age are out for adventure, and would much rather experience something offbeat and unique, as opposed to a bland all-inclusive resort somewhere.

Anyways, Airbnb really offers you some unique spots, and kind individuals who are ready to take you in and let you explore the wonderful locations they call home. I've seen phenomenal listings, all of which I want to try. I've come across old buses that have been converted into homes, vintage trailers, repurposed barn houses, the list is endless. So far, I've only experienced Jennifer and Jack's rustic little treat, hidden away on Galiano Island, but man oh man, I'm 100% going back.

Trevor and I ended up going away for  a few days this past December, excitedly expecting it to look just like it did in the photos. Did it ever deliver. After getting to the island, we drove to the cabin and found it tucked away, with a little sign that our hosts set up, making it super easy to find. Turning the corner we saw the little slice of heaven, already decorated in adorable Christmas lights, making it look like an absolute peach. Jen and Jack were kind enough to even turn on the space heater, so it  was nice and warm the second we stepped inside.

Everything about this place was perfection. From the absolutely quintessential "cabin in the woods" vibes, the adorable and homey furniture, to the wicked loft bed that you have to climb to get to, it was all so much fun. There's a nice little window next to the bed as well, that you can open up and breathe in the crisp air while staying bundled up under the covers.

Jennifer was a wicked host too, she came to visit us and gave us a map of all the rad spots on the island to explore.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get enough of playing house and putzing about the cabin, so we basically didn't leave our little home all weekend.

Other amenities of this masterpiece? An outdoor shower and a fire pit, perfect for sitting around. There's a trail leading to a pebble beach perfect for the summer, and besides the bed we slept in, there's a pull-out couch, making this cabin ideal for 2 other pals you want to bring along with you.

I really do recommend Airbnb (and this adorable cabin for all you British Columbians!) looking for a nice and relaxing getaway. The price point for the cabin was such a steal too, sitting at $70 per night. Everything is taken care of, you just have to get to the cabin and bring your own grub.

Want to see this cabin for yourself? Find the Airbnb link here.

Happy traveling!



  1. This place sounds like a dream vacation! I would love to snug up by the fireplace and make some s'mores. And how relaxing is the ambience! Thanks for the share hun feel like I need to take a trip soon :) xo~ Lena

  2. Ok, this little Airbnb looks incredible! So charming and perfect for cozying up in. You took some beautiful photos of it.

    Kathryn •

  3. Oh that place looks adorable! And your photos make it look so incredibly cozy and comfy!

  4. Stunning photos!
    Have a good day!


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