Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cannons - A chit chat with LA's boogie champions

It's not every day you find a band that you become totally immersed in. A band that makes banger after banger, and that you'd gladly play at any party. The type of music where putting it on shuffle isn't Russian roulette; everything will make you a groovy, sweaty mess. 

This is the sort of sound that comes to you from LA-based nu-disco act, Cannons. Lead singer Michelle Joy, guitarist Ryan Clapham, and drummer & keyboardist Paul Davis have carefully crafted their own sound that's inspired by 80's synth, 70's R&B/soul, and current electronic/deep house influences. It's clear they have impeccable taste musically, as what they've blended together is guaranteed to fill a dance floor, or be on everyone's summer beach playlist.

Cannons live in a different world altogether. A world that you're looking at through a kaleidoscope, where landscapes are always lush, and the drinks always free poured. I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with the trio, and picking their brains on everything from cult films, their inspirations, hidden LA gems, and TLC.

Everyone, I am so pleased to introduce to you, Cannons.

First and foremost, how did you three meet?

Ryan and Paul grew up on the same street in Santa Clarita and had been making music together since they were kids. I met them online in 2013 when I was new to LA from Florida and just looking for some people to make music with in the area. We wrote the first song without ever meeting and without any expectations, just to test the waters and our sounds just kind of melted together perfectly. Shortly after that first song we decided to meet up and start writing together and haven’t stopped because it’s too much fun and we suddenly had people asking for more.  

You guys are heavily inspired by 80's synth and 70's soul/R&B. What are your favourite artists of both eras? 

Depeche Mode, New Order,  Roxy Music, Billy Idol, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, 80’s Georgio Morder

Stax Records, Motown, 70’s Zapp, Rose Royce, Wilson Picket, The Jackson 5, Isaac Hays, The Temptations

In terms of modern day synth and R&B, who are you listening to?

La Priest, Majical Cloudz, Jim James, Harriet Brown, Chromatics, Anderson .Paak, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller

You guys are based in LA. I'm curious about your favourite hidden gems in the city. Could be anything! 

Overlook on Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Dirty Laundry Bar, played The Soho House West Hollywood last summer which was a pretty awesome spot too!

Your music is absolutely captivating. It's takes you away into this lush dreamscape, making you lust for endless road-trips or hazy summers. Where do you all draw inspiration from that's not musical?

Films, relationships, heartbreak, dreams, love, longing

Speaking of summer, any ideas for this one coming up?

Just focused on finishing this album up right now and moving on to attacking some other ideas we have brewing and playing shows. 

The cover you did of TLC's Creep was phenomenal. You gave it such a groovy, synthy edge that was super refreshing to hear. What else do you want to cover?

We already have a few started! Some Depeche Mode, Billy Idol Eyes - Without a Face, Wilson Picket - Its a Groove

I also noticed last week on your Instagram you posted a Kings of Leon cover! That definitely needs to be released in full. 

Yes, we just started it for fun one night and never finished it! We need to though, its a fun song.

Your songs and style are beyond sexy. Let's hear what your personal, go-to beats are for getting in the mood. 

In Your Room - Depeche Mode
Wilson Picket - Its a Groove

Another thing we talk about on this blog is film. Since you guys are drawn to the 70s and 80s, let's hear what films from those eras you'd recommend watching.

Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life, E.T, The Holy Mountain, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, The Lost Boys, The Burbs, Willow, 

Big Trouble Little China, Top Gun, Evil Dead, Suspiria, The Fly, Robocop

Any plans for a show in Vancouver any time soon? Or a tour?

No plans yet but we hope to soon!

I recently read that you'll be releasing new material this month! What are we to expect?

We are currently wrapping up our first album!  

Last but not least, favourite post-show beverage?

Jameson, a balanced rose and Chris’s Graduation Tequila. 


If you guys are like me and can't get enough of Cannons, head on over to their Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, or website for some more future boogie grooves.

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