Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cannons - Night Drive

Cannons must be some sort of musical Gods, because anyone who manages to make the cowbell sound suave and sexy knows what they're doing. I have to say I'm absolutely overjoyed and filled with glee, because this release goes to show how strong Cannons are as a band, and that their first LP marks them flatting out any sort of tiny kinks we've heard in the past. A brilliantly cohesive album, Night Drive guides you through a neon-coloured adventure, with every track meshing beautifully into the next. 

You may have heard me ranting and raving about the LA-based trio in the past, I caught up with them a few months ago and got to know a bit about them, picking their brains as they were working on Night Drive. With the album finally out, it's absolutely what I expected it to be, danceable and lush songs, just in time for the summer. They sound like such a well-oiled machine, it's hard to believe this is their debut LP. 

The album starts off strong with Miracle, a light but ridiculously groovy track with Michelle's voice lulling you along. The Beach is another one of my favourites, with a very 80s-inspired and catchy synth that'll leave you tapping and grooving consistently. I listened to the album on a long drive home and couldn't help but realize how fitting everything was, and how enjoyable it made the entire trip back. 

Future Love is the cowbell-infused gem I can't get enough of. It's the type of song you'd play at the beach or by the pool, soaking up the rays and enjoying drink after drink on a scorching hot day. The blend of 80s synth and 70s disco rings true with this one, and it has so much radio-friendly appeal.

So many great things have come out of Cannons in the last little while, and Night Drive just proves what a wonderful roll they're on. I expect huge things from these guys in the next little while, and will be waiting, edge of my seat for more.




  1. I'm so intrigued with this album now. I'm going to Europe in July and I'm envisioning some dreamy tunes to spend the days away at the beach


    1. Oooo this'll be perfect for that - guaranteed! Have a wonderful time :)

  2. Definitely going to check out this album. I second what Sonia said haha. Also, when I think of Night Drive I just think of Jimmy Eat World. That's definitely one of my favorite songs by them. :)


    1. YES! So stoked you just made that reference, hahaah.

  3. I've got to check out this album for some new music.
    You've got some great music taste!

  4. I have to check this out! Thanks for sharing
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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