Monday, June 26, 2017

Flight Facilities ; Arty Boy

There's nothing nicer than waking up in the morning and finding out one of your favourite artists has released a new single. It's even nicer when one of your favourite artists happens to be Australian duo, Flight Facilities, who will guarantee silky-smooth, feel-good tracks. It's safe to say that my morning drive to work put me in the best mood.

Jimmy Lyell and Hugo Gruzman haven't put out new music in over 3 years, but they're certainly delivering with Arty Boy. Collaborating again with Emma Louise is a great call, with her beautiful and airy vocals the perfect addition to the dreamy synth hooks and beyond slick guitar licks. The boys released Arty Boy at the perfect moment, right in time for all the pool and beach parties you're bound to go to. 

The supporting video they released for the song is equally awesome, if not slightly bizarre as well. Directed by the German collective, Junglinge, the video tells the story of an Irani-German couple who guide us throughout their bodybuilding memorabilia in a strange yet alluring glitzy 80s environment.

Flight Facilities are known for being iconic in the electro-funk scene, and grace guaranteed spots in everyone's summer playlists. Infectious singles like Crave You, Foreign Language, and Two Bodies were huge, and gave the duo a signature sound that was unmistakable. 

Check out Arty Boy below. I promise you won't be disappointed. I personally can't get enough of this track! 


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