Thursday, May 17, 2018

Comanche Peak Releases Return to Fear Mountain

"A spherical journey that leads the listener through layers of soundscapes built with effected voices, guitars, ambient percussion, and a variety of synthesizers. Dark and immersive, the story told with this music follows a character as they pass into the afterlife to confront their own demons, and concludes with them coming back to life and moving on." 

So delighted to share the latest album from Comanche Peak (John Anderson JR), Return to Fear Mountain. We've chatted with John in the past when he released Carnival Lights, a lighter, more ethereal and airy EP. Return to Fear Mountain, on the other hand, sounds like a lovechild of Vangelis and Goblin and sees Anderson honing his sound with this progressive, dark, and absolutely captivating release.  

To go with the album, Anderson has released three videos for LabyrinthWitch's Promise, and Sword and Lazer. In true Comanche Peak fashion, the supporting videos are entrancing - just like the music.

"The work for this project started right after the Carnival Lights EP.  I wanted to create something really different from that first release, both in mood and sound.  There’s more percussion, darker synths, and even vocals, though no lyrics are actually sung, I wanted to use the voices as instruments. The album Osorezan by Geinoh Yamashirogumi (Akira) provided the jumping off point and gave me something to fall back on when faced with creative decisions along the way.  Osorezan (Fear Mountain) is an actual place in Japan and is regarded as a gateway to the afterlife. ( The group that performs the music is this ever-changing collective of people from all walks of life that create music together, chances are the same performers on Osorezan are not the same you hear on the Akira soundtrack.  This inspired me to make this release a more collaborative effort which leads to 3 very talented friends being featured on some songs.  I extended that same effort to some great video artists who put together some amazing content, all their work is now available on  Return to Fear Mountain is a concept album that picks up where Carnival Lights left off.  The idea of dying and coming back to life struck me as a metaphor for confronting personal demons, realizing that your obsessions don’t have to control your life, and then moving forward. That’s what the last song, “Back on the Road,” is there for, it has lots of momentum and is this "to be continued moment."

I highly recommend checking out this concept album, it's perfect for like-minded individuals looking to create something themselves, or simply as a piece of cinematic bliss.  


Comanche Peak

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