Monday, July 3, 2017

Parcels ; Overnight

I've written about Parcels not too long ago, the Australian but Berlin-based 5-piece spoke to me not long after completing Dot to Dot Fest in the UK, one of the many shows they've had in a slew of touring this year.

These disco-funk lads are now hitting us again with a new single, Overnight, and it's going to be a surefire hit. Why you ask? Because it was produced and co-written by non other than the French disco Gods themselves, Daft Punk. Overnight is infectious and grooveable, and sounds like it should have belonged on Daft Punk's 2013 album, Random Access Memories. The collaboration just makes sense, and will garner Parcels a monsoon of new fans.

Parcels spoke to NME about the single and working with the duo, "Most surprising was the nature of the collaboration. Despite the obvious status that Daft Punk carry, there was never any ego in the studio. From start to finish it was an equal collaboration with no pressure, only a desire to create something meaningful together. That gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves, as well as respect for those two."

Check out Overnight if you're into 70s-inspired disco groove, Daft Punk, Phoenix, or even just after something to jam to at your next poolside soiree. 


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