Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Analog Affair - The New Shit

First I heard about The Analog Affair was back in February. I stumbled upon the Portland-based lads whilst on a Spotify binge and became a fan almost instantaneously. Evan Baker and Cody Moser have crafted a fine blend of danceable indie-pop that people just naturally seem to gravitate towards. I remember counting down the days until summer, since their music is simply made for it. Shortly thereafter I interviewed the guys, and couldn't wait for them to get back into the studio.

Lo and behold, the duo is back with a new track, aptly named The New Shit, and it's the perfect sort of chilled-out summer anthem, ideal for winding down to now that we're already in August. Blending tropical influences with wonderful synth hooks, The New Shit is infectious, and the first single from their upcoming album due out later this year. 

Check it out below! 


Instagram/Twitter: @theanalogaffair

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